Stem vir Vanderkloof vir die Kwêla dorp van die jaar

Vanderkloof is aangewys as een van die top 3 finaliste vir die Kyknet Kwêla Noord Kaap dorp van die jaar kompetisie. 

Stemlyne is slegs oop tot 5 Mei en om te stem kan jy jou gunsteling dorp se naam na 33157 SMS. 

Vir meer inligting oordie kompetisie besoek

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Article from Diamond Field Advertiser, Kimberley

In the 18 March 2015 article of the DFA (Diamond Fields Advertiser) in Kimberley the following two articles was placed. We thank them for their support for bringing awareness to the area. See the articles below to read them.






The Diamond Fields Advertiser is a daily newspaper published in Kimberley, South Africa, founded on 23 March 1878.

For more information about DFA visit

To sign the petition to help save the yellowfish, click here

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Est by Thelna fashion roadshow kicks off in Vanderkloof

Dear loyal Est clients, please note that our annual EST ROADSHOW in South Africa kicks off in the beautiful Vanderkloof area. Please join us for this exciting event.

Details are as follows:
Pride Rock Lodge
Friday 13 March 2015: Fashion Show 18:00
Saturday 14 March 2015: Fashion Show 10:00
R50 pp, includes snacks and juice
Cash bar will be available
Tickets available from Vanderkloof Chemist

For more info visit or contact Vanderkloof Chemist


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Veiling van eiendomme in Vanderkloof. 27 Feb 2015


27 February 2015 @ 11:00
Information for Auction: Lushhof Hall, Erika street, Vanderkloof Dam
Date: 27 February 2015
Time: 11:00

5 x Residential Houses

2 x Semi – detached houses

1 x Business Premises

4 x Waterfront Stands

13 x Open Stands

*  The municipality will deliver services to all erven (electricity, water and sewerage),
*  The municipality will be responsible to give notice to all current tenants and also see to it that the tenants adhere to the instruction and its dates,
*  VAT will be charged on all the properties, VAT is excluded from the bidding price.

Contact Rudi on 0826956658 for more information or visit (includes photos of all properties):


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Petisie eindig op 31 Mei 2015. Help asb

Share asseblief hierdie met jul hengel vriende. Die petisie sluit die einde Mei 2015 en ons wil dan graag die petisie oordra aan die belange groepe asook aan die Rhodes Universitiet en Departemnet van Landbou en Visserye wat tans beplan om nette in die dam te sleep vir die daar stelling van ‘n klein skaalse vissery. Ons wil graag ons grootbekke beskerm al is hulle net ‘n naby bedreigde spesie!

Vanderkloof largies under threat

Vanderkloof largies under threat

Update: This petition closes at the end of May 2015. Please help us get as many signatures as possible by then!

Just when the newly discovered largemouth yellowfish gem was made, Vanderkloof Dam, the existence of our largest freshwater sportfish, fondly called “largies” are now under threat in this dam. Largemouth yellowfish numbers has recently plummeted due to waterpollution, overfishing and competition with alien fish species across it’s natural distribution range.

In Vanderkloof Dam, largemouths have found one of it’s last safe heavens. The reason being that fishing pressure is low in this rural area far away from all mayor centers, and fishing is done by conservation minded anglers that support catch and release principles. Good water quality and abundance of structure also helps with largemouth numbers.
According to Francois Fouche, secretariat of the Vanderkloof Angling Club, Rhodes University in co-operation with the Department of Agriculture has started with a study for the approval of “sustainable netting” of the fish in the dam. Mr. Fouche says that one of the main reasons given for the planned netting is the high numbers of smallmouth yellowfish, the cousin of the largemouth yellowfish also found in the dam.
According to the Rhodes University’s “Rural Fisheries Program” representative, Mr. Qurban Ali Rouhani, “there are enough smallmouth yellowfish numbers in the dam to justify netting”. What makes this idea worrying is that ordinances have been passed in all the provinces where both these species occur, to protect both indigenous species. Most provinces ordinances states that largemouth yellowfish are a catch and release specie only, and that smallmouth only 2-3 fish can be taken by angler allowing they are longer than 30-45cm in length. One of the reasons given by the “Rural Fisheries Program” is that smallmouth yellowfish have a “negative” influence on other species in the dam. This statement is very hard to believe as smallmouth are indigenous to the dam and river, and most likely the only species that might be negatively influenced are the alien species also found in the dam namely carp and black bass, which numbers are lower than yellowfish it seems. The whole idea of netting this dam and it’s yellowfish goes strongly against the new NE:MBA regulations that protect indigenous fauna and flora against alien species. Should netting occur in the dam, yellowfish numbers will fall, and the void left will most likely be filled by the alien species like carp and bass. Both yellowfish species are slow breeders, and largemouth yellowfish can take up to seven years before being breeding mature and weigh just over 2 kg. Where the alien carp and bass mature at half this rate and egg counts can be twice as high. Further netting smallmouth yellows will lead to largemouth also being netted as both species share the same habitat. According to a fish conservationist no matter what size gill net is used the mesh size will catch both species of yellowfish.

Northern Cape Conservation, under whose control Vanderkloof Dam falls, seems to take a “neutral” stance during this planning and discussion phase. Free State has very little say over the dam as an agreement was made that Gariep Dam falls under Free State Conservation and Vanderkloof Dam under the Northern Cape. According to some locals from the small town also called Vanderkloof, situated on the banks of the dam, no proper environmental impact study was done by Rhodes University and it ‘s partners, as it should take about 1-3 years to do a proper study on fish numbers, movements and ecological impact it would have removing certain numbers of species.
After the highly publicized trophy catch of the largemouth of 11.5 kg has the local community of Vanderkloof recognized the importance of this sustainable eco tourism magnet, the largemouth yellowfish a truly flagship specie. Lodges have been inundated with calls from anglers across the country and even from America and Europe, all wanting to come and fish for “largies”. Some refer to the largemouth yellowfish as our “freshwater rhino” due to the constant battle to preserve this specie and it’s waters, before it becomes critically endangered.

The local Vanderkloof community, consisting of lodges, restaurants and local anglers are also now working with “Fishtube.TV” a “Roam Free" Fishing Conservation Initiative, who is helping with the construction of yellowfish conservation and information boards that will be placed in the town and also around the dam at strategic places. strongly supports the actions taken to protect large and smallmouth yellowfish in the dam.

The community is also planning to form a “forum” that would lift objections against the netting with the next meeting held by the “Rural Fisheries Program”. Any persons or associations willing to support the forum in any way are more than welcome to contact Francois Fouche on: or 0828219457. Furthermore, a petition board is available online where everyone can put their names as with the help of social media and social pressure, it is hoped the planned netting of our iconic freshwater sport fish, the largemouth might be stopped. Please visit: to sign the petition or leave comments.


946 signatures

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SACRAA media release – please read and share

The official document can be downloaded here

sacraa logo



SACRAA has recently become involved as a stakeholder in the proposed experimental net fishery in Vanderkloof Dam, where both small- and largemouth yellowfish will be targeted. Having been alerted to this project at a fairly late stage, we have not been a part of the process from the start and were unaware of the public meeting that was held on 12 December last year. Nevertheless, we have requested the relevant project information from the service provider (Rhodes University’s Rural Fisheries Programme) and the implementing authority (Northern Cape Department of Agriculture) and will be making a written submission in the near future.

In light of this, SACRAA has taken steps to ensure that we are kept informed about all future proposed fishery programmes. We have sent letters of introduction to National DAFF and all Provincial Departments that are mandated to develop and manage rural freshwater fisheries (SACRAA is already a registered stakeholder with marine fisheries). We have received several positive responses from some of the Provinces but have yet to hear from others.

Despite these efforts we believe we cannot rely entirely on Government departments to let us know every time a new fishery project is considered. SACRAA would therefore like to issue a plea to all anglers to let us know if they hear anything about rural fisheries projects in their area. There is nothing quite like the fisherman’s grapevine and if there are any rumors around I am sure they will spread fast. This appeal is for freshwater and marine anglers alike, as rural fisheries programmes can target inland as well as coastal & estuary waters. SACRAA will investigate all leads passed on to us and if they prove to be fact we can register as a stakeholder on behalf of recreational angling from the very beginning.

Contact details for SACRAA are as follows: Dr. Aidan Wood (; 0828694939)

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Koffie bike rally 2015

The 2015 Koffie Bike Rally is taking place at Vanderkloof Dam from 6 to 8 February 2015.

Entrance is R160 per person and the first prize in the lucky draw is R10000 cash. There are still chalets available for anyone who is interested.

For more details contact 082 556 5932 Or follow them on Facebook

Map to Vanderkloof:


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Proposed management and leasing of the Vanderkloof Holiday Resort and sale of municipality properties

After many years of ups and downs for the Vanderkloof Holiday Resort and Vanderkloof swimming pool, the Renosterberg Local Municipality has decided on a long term right to use lease agreement for the way forward.

Even though this is good news in many ways it is now up to someone with the right ambition and skills to get the Holiday Resort back into its former glory. For more detail please print the document linked below and read through it.

Click here for the full document as found in the Kwikstertjie as well


Some of the properties of the municipality is also up for tender for sale as mentioned below:

Erven 34 (Residential Gansie Street), 1476 square meter

Erven 42 (Residential Protea Street), 1335 Square Meter

Erven 56 (Residential Aalwyn Street), 825 Square Meter

Erven 106 (Residential Flats in Madeliefie Street), 1501 Square Meter

Erven 255 (Residential Kalossie Street), 886 Square Meter

Erven 49 (Business, Disa Street), 608 Square Meter

Erven 50 (Business Disa Street), 721 Square Meter


For further information on submitting tenders please contact the local Municipality or Municipal Manager, Mr S Madyo

Full Details can be found here


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“Smart water meters” – nogal ‘n bohaai

Daar word deesdae baie bohaai gemaak oor “Smart water meters” wat munisipaliteite, insluitend Renosterberg, reg oor die land begin in sit of ten minste ondersoek. Baie mense is onmiddelik teen dit oor al die sogenaamde gesondheids gevare. Tog almal wat dit beweer het heel moontlik self nog geen navorsing gedoen oor dit nie.

‘n Paar feite wat mens ingedagte moet hou. Hulle gebruik presies dieselfde tegnologie as jou selfoon of jou rekenaar se internet konneksie. Afhangende van die tipe gebruik hulle basies presies dieselfde tegnologie as wat in elke selfoon is. Ja daai ding wat jy nie die huis sonder verlaat nie. Die radius van die sogenaamde “skade” is ‘n paar centimeter. Tensy jy jou oor gereeld teen jou watermeter gaan druk vir ure elke dag, gaan jy dus nooit eens naby sy ‘range’ kom nie. Anders as wat jy elke paar uur as iemand jou bel en jy jou foon teen jou oor druk doen, of heeldag met jou foon reg teen jou lyf in jou sak rondloop.

Ek se nie die mense wat se dis nie ‘n goeie oplossing nie is verkeerd nie, dink net soms mense wil darem so effens realisties en minder negatief na alles kyk. ‘n Berig wat gereeld aangehaal word, is deur “anonymous” geskryf. As dit so geldig is, hoekom dan anoniem bly?

Hier onder is ‘n tabel wat wys in watse frequency Smart Meters funksioneer. Kyk maar net watse toestelle gebruik dieselfde frequencies. As jy rerig teen smart meter is hoop ek rerig jy het nie ‘n TV of selfoon of radio ook nie… Dis maar net ‘n opinie. Vertel gerus jou opinie:

Anders as ‘n anonieme opinie, is hierdie tabel gekry by

Dis dalk nie die antwoord nie, en defnitief sal dit met sy eie stel probleme kom. Maar mens moet tegnologie gebruik waar dit foute kan help uitskakel.

Ek is bly hulle gaan nie die stelsels in Vanderkloof verander vir nou nie, mens wonder maar net hoekom is sommige mense so erg teen enige verandering in Vanderkloof.


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