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Boattrips – Take a fantastic cruise on the Malachite. Click here for more details

• Angling, Water Sports, Boating

The Dam is rich in numerous fish species, such as the small-mouth and large-mouth yellow fish, catfish and carp.

If you visit Vanderkloof Dam and don’t own a boat you are truly missing out on a lot. Why not contact us and let us organise a local to take you and your family or friends out on a trip to Grootwater or if you are looking for a unique experience even a trip to “Watervalle”. Thats about 75km by boat up in the Vanderkloof Dam. Use the contact form below should you be interested.

Angling is permitted in designated areas at the dam and a valid license is required, obtainable from the Rolfontein Nature Reserve office. Tel: 053 – 664 0170

• Eskom Hydroelectric Power Station
* Adventure Kayaking

Vanderkloof Dam tour into the dam wall and an introductory slide show giving insights into the history and workings of the dam. Visit by appointment. Tel: 053 – 664 0202

• Hunting 

Karoo Biltongjag – Click here for the hunting experience of your dreams!
Otterskloof Concession is a hunting terrain covering 35000 acres of land and hosts 30 species of game. It is situated next to the Vanderkloofdam

Doornfontein, guest and hunting farm Shikra Safaris offering hunting safaris in the vanderkloof dam area

• Hiking

The Pied Barbet trail is a two-hour walk (4km) in the Rolfontein Nature Reserve, also by prior arrangement visitors may hike anywhere in the reserve. For this purpose overnight accommodation is available in the form of hikers’ huts. Tel: 053 – 664 0170 • Annual Events Water festival, Biker Ralley, Intervarsity Regatta Renosterberg Municipality Tel: 053 – 664 0050

• Annual Events 
Water festival, Biker Ralley, Intervarsity Regatta


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3 Thoughts to “Attractions”

  1. Frans Reichert

    Het julle ouens ‘n 4×4 roete of 2 in die omgewing?


      Jong lyk my nie enige iemand is bewus van ‘n amptelike 4×4 roete in die omgewing nie. Sodra ons van een hoor sal ons verseker iets op die website sit van dit!

      Rolfontein Natuurreservaat behoort een te he sodra hulle weer oopmaak maar lyk my ook niemand weet wanneer dit nou eintlik gaan gebeur nie, hou die website dop vir meer inligting daaroor ook

  2. Hugh Davies

    How about converting the old quarry into a 4×4 track/area.

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