Die wêreld van Koors – Deon Meyer

The World Of FEVER

  • Power Station

    The Vanderkloof Dam wall, where Nico and Willem stop their truck for the first time. The hydro-electric station is right next to the four sluices on the right.


  • Battletruck

    The Volvo FH 480 used by Willem and Nico storm before they settle at Amanzi. The truck later becomes the battle wagon for Domingo’s pecial Ops Teams..


  • Hot house

    In the bedroom, Willem Storm is burning up from the fever. Nico stands guard in the lounge (big window right) when two very bad men come calling …


  • Light House

    It burns like a beacon in the night. Willem and Nico crawl up the hill towards thos house when Willem is shot.


  • Air Field

    The landing strip at Petrusville, about 13 km from Amanzi (Vanderkloof). This is taken in the direction from which Hennie Fly would be coming in over the dam on his epic flight.


  • Air Force One

    The Cessna 172 Hennie Fly uses before he and Nico go search for the turbodiesel version.


  • A Bridge too near

    The lower bridge Domingo closes, and guards. Nico and Sophia cross this in the final stage of their great race.


  • Uphill battle.

    The road up to the Special Ops HQ, the final uphill during the race btween Nico and Sophia..


  • Home of the Brave

    The old Department of Water Affairs offices at Vanderkloof. Domingo turns this into the barracks and HQ for the Special Ops teams.


  • Orange River

    Sunset over the Orange River, looking west. The photograph was aken from under the lower bridge.


  • Bird’s Eye 1

    1. The town of Vanderkloof (Amanzi). The numeral is just about where the Orphanage is.

    2. The Nature Reserve.

    3. The Jeep track starts here, and winds up to the reserve. This is where the big attack came from.

    4. The landing strip at Petrusvile, where Hennie Fly keeps the Cessna.


  • Bird’s Eye 2

    1. The town of Vanderkloof (Amanzi). The dot of the numeral is just about where the Orphanage is.

    2. The dot of the numeral is just about where the Town Forum is – venue of all the poolitical meetings .

    3. The dot of the numeral is just about where Nico lies his his sniper rifle to pick off the KTM coming through the horseshoe shped curves of the road to the right.

    4. The dot of the numeral is just about where the Main Gate is, heavily fortified and guarded.


  • Bird’s Eye 3

    A sign at the entramnce to the town of Vanderkloof, showing the street names. The same names were used in the book for the new community of Amanzi.


  • Food Store

    The existing OK Value supermarket in Vanderkloof. This is where Nico and Willem Storm encounter the Cobra when they first visit the town. It also becomes the community’s food storage when agriculture takes off.


  • Tunnel entrance

    Nico’s race to get to the voltage regulators first, takes him to the entrance of the Orange Fish tunnel.

  • Under armour

    Deep below the earth, the hydro electric plant at the Orange Fish tunnel.


    This article has been obtained from This Page of DeonMeyer.com with permission from Deon Meyer. 

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