Does it get any better?

Vanderkloof surely has to have to of the most amazing scenery any dam can offer. From stunning sunrises and sunny days, to just plain romantic and fabulous sunsets. Far away from the usual city or even town rush, Vanderkloof certainly is the perfect getaway. To quote a tourist that I spoke to during the past few weeks: “I come to Vanderkloof to have a holiday, away from everything. If you want to relax, Vanderkloof is the only place to go”.

The pictures and video shows a small part of the dam, of the reason Vanderkloof is as unique as it is. (Click image to view bigger)

The video is not a professional video so please dont expect some fantastic editing. It’s just taken on a boat with a phone (taken on 30 December 2013) to show parts of the dam during sunset. Picture says a 1000 words, video is a 1000 pictures 🙂

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