Draft Vanderkloof Dam RMP and BP for Review – 7 March 2014 to 7 April 2014

Please download and look through the following two documents currently open to public review.

Please note a hard copy is available at the Vanderkloof Police Station.

A public discussion session will be held so that the RMP can be presented to the public. We would like to invite you to attend this public discussion session in order to provide your input into the process.

Details of Public Discussion Session:

Date Time Venue
Thursday, 13 March 2014 16h30 to 19h00 The Conference Hall, Pride Rock Lodge, 38 Madaliefie Street, Vanderkloof

We would like to encourage you to be part of the RMP process and look forward to your contribution to the Vanderkloof RMP.

Click to download the first document: Vanderkloof RMP Public Review

Click to download the second document: Vanderkloof BP Public Review

Any comments on the draft should be forwarded to Vanessa Stippel (tel: 0117811730; fax: 0117811731; email: vanessas@nemai.co.za) by 7 April 2014.

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One Thought to “Draft Vanderkloof Dam RMP and BP for Review – 7 March 2014 to 7 April 2014”

  1. Peter G Smith

    Sorry I can’t attend discussion as I am currently overseas. Agree generally with draft but the major development opportunity of a recreational Marina seems to have been overlooked. A pontoon based marina providing perhaps up to 100 permanent moorings for craft up to maybe 30 metres would be a massive boost to tourism and interest as well as an excellent investment opportunity for both developers and berth holders. Anyone interested?

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