Explore Vanderkloof Dam, the whole dam!

Vanderkloof Dam is the longest dam in South Africa. Without a boat you can see about 4km of Vanderkloof Dam.

With a boat you can get lost, easy, without anyone coming to look for you or most likely even if someone comes to look for you they will probably not be able to find you. So what do you do to explore Vanderkloof Dam properly? How do you experience all over 80km+ of the length of the dam without it being the last thing you do?

Vanderkloof Dam

Contact us on info@vanderkloofdam.co.za and we will try arrange for someone with a decent boat to give you a lift to see the dam. There are stunning cliffs, a few small caves, if you are lucky a bit of wildlife, all to see, all in a place where no car can get you ever.

So make a day of it and take a long trip to Watervalle (about 75km by boat from the dam wall). You will not regret it. (Assuming you take someone with you who knows the way and your boat is up to standard)

(Please ensure you take all the neccassry safety precautions as described in this article if you plan on attempting this without a local who knows the dam and has been there before a few times) 

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7 Thoughts to “Explore Vanderkloof Dam, the whole dam!”

  1. Please note- It is basically illegal to venture further than ” Groot water ” without a guide and then with all the
    requirements in place, as set out. A fantastic trip it sure is !!

    1. Vanderkloofdam.co.za

      Can’t agree more, basically illegal and without being funny just plain ‘silly’ to go past Groot Water without someone who knows that part of the dam well. So yes please dont attempt without the nessacary planning. I will arrange someone or take you on my own boat if needed, you dont want to just go far, you want to come back also!! send me an email and do it properly. info@vanderkloofdam.co.za

      I can just add also, it’s not only about getting lost, you switch your boat off somewhere and for some silly reason it won’t start, or the battery is dead, or you lose a propeller (the dam is VERY rocky), then you have nothing. Nearest town is over a lot of rocky terrain back to Vanderkloof. Not a fun walk 🙂

  2. Toy.

    Hi what will the cost be to be taken to the waterfall for 3 people but in the summer pse?

  3. Vanderkloofdam.co.za

    Hi Toy

    I have sent you an email with more details

  4. What about doing some boat fishing for those great Largemouth Yellows?

  5. Vanderkloofdam.co.za

    Definitely a must if you like to fish! If you don’t have your own boat I am sure we can make a plan with someone in or around Vanderkloof to take you out on a boat thats a bit more equipped for fishing.


    Can you please send us all the information and contact details for a fully guided tour?

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