Final Vdk Dam RMP & BP for final public review

Please note that the final 30 day review period for the Vanderkloof Dam RMP and BP is between 25 August 2014 and 25 September 2014. Copies of both the final RMP and BP can be downloaded with the links provided below:

Vanderkloof RMP03 for public review

Vanderkloof Public Meeting Minutes

Vanderkloof Dam Public Comments and Response Register

Vanderkloof BP03S for public review

Where possible we have taken all comments received from I&APs into account  within the framework of existing legislative requirements. If you are not sure how you comment has been taken into account please contact me on 0117811730 or email me on so that I can explain how the comment was incorporated.

Further, please feel free to contact me if you have any further comments on the final RMP and BP.

We have appreciated your input in the process and look forward to your continued interest in the RMP.

Kind Regards,

Vanessa Stippel, Environmental Consultant


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