Fishermen. Heres how to do it!

If you thought Vanderkloof Dam didn’t have big fish to catch think again! This one was caught on Saturday, 22 March, by Jeremy Grace. It was caught with a muishond fly, 9wt sage RPLXI, sci angler intermediate line. Was fought for an hour and a bit and safely released! As far as is known this is the unofficial SA record for a Largemouth Yellow on Fly in South Africa!

Vanderkloof Dam is a sanctuary for largemouth yellows, no other dam has nearly as many largies as this dam – for this reason it is best that bass should NOT be released in this dam and if one is caught it should be removed. There are more than enough dam’s with bass while there are no dam except for Vanderkloof with a healthy population of largies.

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7 Thoughts to “Fishermen. Heres how to do it!”

  1. Wow, was this on fly tackle or conventional tackle?

  2. Agostino

    Fly Tackle, If we not mistaken this is the unofficial SA record for a Largemouth Yellow on Fly in South africa

  3. john

    From the pics its seems the fish came out near town.Can you confirm or was it further up in the dam

  4. Nico

    Hoeveel weeg die vis.


      25.35lbs, of te wel 11.5kg!!

  5. Rudolph Venter

    Kyk maar net, dis nie lank voor die dam ‘n 20kg Grootbekgeelvis oplewer nie. Als is perfek vir hul om hul volle grootte hier te bereik. Diep kranse, gruisbeddings, baie kos, skoon water…

  6. James

    Kyk maar mooi. Dis nie ‘n jaar nie dan kry jy nie meer parkeerplek om die dam nie 🙂

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