Go where few people have gone before!

Many people hear the Vanderkloof Dam is the longest dam in South Africa. But how many have actually experienced its full length?

Do you have a reliable boat? Are you looking for something new to do with your boat? What is the furthest ‘trip’ you have taken on in your boat?

We introduce to you the longest possible inland boat trip on a single dam in South Africa. Most parts of Vanderkloof Dam can not be reached by car. Most boat owners only go as far as Grootwater (about 14km from Vanderkloof by boat). Past Grootwater you need good navigation skills. There is no cellphone reception, no towns, no other boats, no people. Just you and your boat. We will drive with you in our own boats to show you the way, to show you a few sights along the way (cave, “watervalle”, some amazing canyons and cliffs). You bring your own boat and all your own goodies that you will need on your trip. Depending on how long you want to go for you may need your own camp gear as well.

What you will see on the trip:

  • a cave, small, but a cave is a cave is a cave, right? 🙂
  • about 75km of Vanderkloof Dam, an area that very few people have gone to!
  • we will visit Watervalle. It only runs after good rains but the last few kilometers to it and the area where it is has amazing scenery.
  • near Watervalle is a lapa where we can have a braai or something before returning back to Vanderkloof.
  • depending on your group and the weather one can consider camping somewhere next to the dam.

What you wont get is a professional tour guide. We are just locals with boats who have done the trip a few times and realise many boaters are not able to go with more than one boat. For us to join you on this trip you simply have to cover our costs. We have normal boats and wont charge you more than it costs us. (the total trip will be about 150km on the water, so make sure you know how far you can go with a loaded boat on a tank before attempting anything!) Do not attempt this trip with only 1 boat! 

Whether you are Captain Jack Sparrow or Piet-wat-‘n-boot-gekoop-het, seeing Vanderkloof Dam up to where it becomes Orange River is a trip everybody who visits Vanderkloof simply has to experience. So make a plan, get to Vanderkloof and arrange something.

Important: It is illegal (and silly) to go past Grootwater with only 1 boat, no matter how reliable or expensive your boat is. If you have a problem anywhere on the dam you are totally on your own. Nobody will come look for you for days, if ever. There is no cellphone towers and virtually nobody lives within kilometers of the Dam other than at Vanderkloof town. Please be responsible boaters 🙂

For a recap of a previous trip read this article.

Contact Albert on 082 776 1985 or info@vanderkloofdam.co.za and we will try arrange for something when you visit Vanderkloof.

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