Town Meeting on the experimental fishery on Vanderkloof Dam

The Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development has recognized the potential of developing inland fisheries in the Province. Inland fisheries can make significant contributions to food production, economic development and job creation. 

The Province has selected Vanderkloof Dam as a site to develop its fisheries potential as this dam is situated within a priority area for development.  The towns of Petrusville and Vanderkloof, situated close to the dam have high levels of unemployment and poor food security.   As a precautionary approach, the Department will initiate an experimental fishery. 

If the outcomes of the experimental fishery are favourable, the fishery will be stepped up to a smallscale, community-based fishery.  A public meeting will be held on the 12th of December, 2014, 10am at the  Vanderkloof Municipal Hall to discuss the experimental fishery.  The meeting is open to all stakeholders

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